Posted by: Mark | November 22, 2010

A new covered court, playground and a roasted pig

One of the things that I have been helping out in lately here is the planning of new covered court (a basketball court/playground/volleyball court with a roof and no walls) for the International school. The planning started around a year ago and while I was in Singapore the school had a dedication. The project involved moving the recess (break and lunch time) activities to the centre of the campus and enlarging the basketball court to a full size court. At the same time as this was happening the school also moved and improved the playground they have for younger (and sometimes older 🙂 ) kids to the same area. The result is a great facility for the pupils of the school. Ewan, Lydia and Katie also think it is a great result for them as they love playing in the new playground.

As a thank you to the people from the international community who worked on the planning committee with me, the contractors involved and some of the workers we had a thank you meal hosted at the new facilities. This was a very traditional meal with the customary roasted pig (a favourite of Ewan’s) and coke. It was also polished off with some lovely Ube (sweet potato I think) and rice deserts. A lovely meal celebrating God’s goodness to us for a lovely facility. Please continue to pray for me as I work on the committee that and plan further changes to the schools sports facilities.

Of course we took some photos and here are a few:


The large yellow umbrellas cover the new part to the playground. It was cleverly constructed mainly from recycled materials by a local engineer. The yellow umbrellas are so we don’t end up with sun burnt kids 🙂


For those who have an interest this floor was laid in one go. It was a 16+ hour job and the guys worked straight. It was neat to watch.


The building is the new school canteen. Meals for around 80+ people are prepared in it every day.

This is sticky rice. We all love this in our family.


This is not a pizza but is spaghetti and sauce. The sauce here is fairly sweet and I normally get this cold. Ewan and Lydia love this.


Lumpia – or deep fried spring rolls.


This is a favourite of Ewan’s. The roasted pig. He was so excited when he seen it.


This is cooked with a spike through it from one end to the other. It is stuffed with some sort of grass which gives it flavor.



  1. The Conroy Family is having a hard time placing where all these new things are located. Is it a NEW covered court or a renovated court?

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