Posted by: Louise | November 19, 2010

Bible Memory for Children – the Armour of God

After we finished learning 1 Cor 13:4-8 together, we were encouraged that our kids could learn longer chunks of scripture. So we decided to choose Eph 6:10-17 as our next set of verses. As this set is long (for a 3 and 4 year old) I thought we might need some fun activities to help with the repetition it is going to take to memorise them.

The first thing we decided to do, was make a life sized poster of each kid and make armor for them to take on and off. I had originally thought I would draw around the kids on card and paint it to look like them. But then Mark got involved and we came up with a much better idea!

We took pictures of the kids and used a program called Double Take and turned it into an almost life sized poster of the kids.

After we printed the pages we had to arrange them in the right order,


then trim two edges on each page, stick, and cut it out.


I added velcro for sticking on the bits of Armour on.


I used foam board to make all the bits of Armour that are mentioned in Eph 6 and colour coded the velcro, so we would know what went with each poster. I wrote on each bit what it is because Ewan is starting to sound out words and wants to be able to read EVERYTHING!


Here are Ewan and Lydia in action!


As we read out the passage they do actions at the start and then stick on the bits of Armour as I read them out. They repeat over and over what it is that they are sticking on: “the breastplate of God’s Righteousness”, “The shield of Faith”….


Here’s Ewan helping Lydia put “the shoes of peace that come from the Good News” on the right way.


The finished product!

This took longer than I was anticipating to make, but after two weeks they are still supper keen to do it every night, so I think it was well worth the time investment of a few hours. I’ll write later about what other activities we get up too.



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