Posted by: Mark | November 17, 2010

The Resurgence – Getting people to follow you because they want to

I came across this blog post from the Resurgence blog with 8 guidelines to lead well and to get people to follow you. It is titled “Getting people to follow you because they want to” and is written from a church leadership perspective. However, I think it follows for many areas of leadership and specifically areas of Christian leadership. The blog post is fairly short but if you are short on time the 8 areas are:

  1. Be convinced yourself
  2. Give thorough and compelling theological reasons
  3. Give thorough and compelling strategic reasons
  4. Acknowledge and address concerns and difficulties
  5. Reassure that you are continuously looking to God to confirm
  6. Have a culture of robust discussion and debate
  7. Don’t ask all at once for more than people can reasonably give you
  8. Keep ‘my way or the highway’ for last resort

I personally never think that the final point is a valid point as if the other 7 are followed it should always be that the majority of people walk with you or it ain’t going to happen and you have to walk away. If I had to re-word it I would list it as seven things leaders need to know to be able to lead:

  1. Know where you are going
  2. Know God is leading you there
  3. Know God’s leading always makes sense and be able to explain that
  4. Know that not everyone thinks the same as you or is led in the same way as you
  5. Know that being led by God is a continual process
  6. Know that you are not God and can and should be questioned
  7. Know that following God is scary and is a journey not everyone is at the same stage in


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