Posted by: Mark | November 15, 2010

Katies starts walking

I have just come back from 9 days in Singapore at some meetings where I had a great time with some meeting colleagues from around the world and forming new friendships. It was nice eating spicy food and learning about what is happening in my field around the world. Praise God for technology – what a geek phrase!! However, being in Singapore did of course have its downsides. I had to leave Louise, Ewan, Lydia and Katie behind. And to top it all off I missed a fairly eventful few days my first few days in Singapore. I left on a Thursday and on the Friday Katie started walking. Before this she had taken a few steps but these 4 or 5 episodes were spread across a period of around 2 months so we didn’t think she would be walking that soon. However, while in a carpeted room on that Friday she just stood up and started walking – while I was several hundred miles away in Singapore!! The day after that Louise thought she would treat the kids to a lovely McDonald’s drive thru dinner and got punished for her nutritional sins when, after stopping the car to hear the order lady, the car would not start again and she broke down in the drive thru. Thankfully she got the car pushed into a car park and then a good friend of ours came out and rescued her – thanks Reggie.

Louise was really thoughtful and took some video of some of Katie’s early steps so I could see it and I thought that I would share it here. It comes with a warning though – it is probably for Grannies only and some may find it a little boring 🙂 If it doesn’t show below click here to see it.



  1. Aww guys, great video. Shes a wee dote. cant believe the size of lydia too. She seems such a protective big sis lifting those leaves out of her way, so cute! thanks for putting this up:-)

  2. I liked it : ) oh no i guess i am a grannie haha

  3. Loving it! Glad to see it’s not just Tom who thinks that walking with your arms straight up in the air helps you balance. We can race them next summer!


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