Posted by: Louise | November 5, 2010

Adoption – Three months later

We can’t believe it been three months today since we brought Katie home!! As I look back over these last three months I am overwhelmed and humbled by God’s goodness to us in so many ways.

We anticipated a long time of adjustment for Katie, and the rest of us. We prayed hard and asked you to pray too, and God has answered all our prayers. Not everyday has been easy, but that was the same with the adjustment to our other two babies. There have been times when I wish I knew how to comfort her more quickly, but that is becoming easier and easier as we get to know each other. Ewan and Lydia seem to have taken the addition of her to our family in their stride and three months later Ewan is still as affectionate and Lydia is as obsessed with her as ever! We are thankful.

We also feel humbled by the support of our friends and family. Your cards, emails, messages, comments on this blog and gifts have all been deeply appreciated. Knowing you pray for Katie is deeply encouraging to us. We would ask you to continue to pray for the finalisation of her adoption to happen in a timely way. Also for Katie’s emotional and spiritual protection.

We have been blessed with one seriously happy baby. Here’s a wee video of us playing one day a few weeks ago. (Excuse the mess on the floor and my seriously high pitched voice!) If the video doesn’t show below click here to see it.



  1. oh my goodness, She is so aorable. that video is so funny. especially the last part, everytime you said noshe would get up again. i really wanna go back and visit.

  2. Look at those two front teeth!!! Oh I just want to pick her up and give her a big squeeze {hug}!!! Louise she is adorable!!! I wonder… will she end up with an Irish accent? 🙂

  3. very cute kid! x

  4. Wow Katie is doing so well. Cannt work out which of you is enjoying it the most!!

  5. Seriously. Are we sure she and Tom weren’t separated at birth (ok, I can answer that and I know they weren’t), but still… we too love raspberries, peek aboo (with the aid of a muslin to cover Tom) and do a lot of high pitched squealing. Looking forward to seeing you all once you’re back in NI.


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