Posted by: Mark | November 3, 2010


There are probably a few things I could write about halloween: Like what is worse, an overtly pagan holiday that has become mainstream and is practiced seemingly innocently by Christians or a Christian holiday, like Christmas, that has become mainstream and discretely pagan in its materialistic overtones? Or is there really anything wrong with fireworks, free sweets (candy) and costume parties – are we as Christians not free to enjoy these things?

But as this is more of a monologue space and not a discussion space I think I will leave that for another day :). Today I want to mention something that is culturally very far from where I grew up. While walking home from a friends house the other day I seen this poster (the photo isn’t that good as I took it with my phone in the dark):


Seeing a poster for a party in a park for halloween is probably not that strange. But the park in question here is a cemetery. The costume party, Holy Mass and Movie night are all in a cemetery. The tradition (culture) here is for people to go to the cemetery in the evening and stay all night. This year the celebrations lasted two days and there was a whole plethora of stalls in “the park” – including Dunkin’ Donuts.

I wrote about this last year as well – click here to see that post – with a little more background. All cultures are different and have many traditions. This is something that is uniquely filipino 🙂


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