Posted by: Louise | November 1, 2010

Our wee holiday – Part two

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our two nights away in the mountains. These were the highlights for me:

1) Feeling cold, even when wearing jeans!!! (And wishing I had remembered to pack socks for everyone)

The children thought the fog on this morning walk was kind of scary! They have never seen fog before!

Taking refuge from the rain under some plants!

2) Lot’s of fun outside exploring with Ewan and Lydia.

IMG_3706.JPG.png IMG_3721.JPG.png

And taking time to walk slowly and see what God has made


And run as fast as we could in wide open spaces


3) Many funny moments



and fun activities together

IMG_4169.JPG.png IMG_4165.JPG.png IMG_3816.JPG.png


Mark and Ewan decided to go on the BIG zip line


Look at that lovely grey, overcast sky!!! LOVE IT!!!


Lydia was not sure it was a good idea to suspend yourself off wire at a really great height šŸ™‚


But our dare devil four year old thought it was a great idea!! Look at that cheeky grin as he was getting off!


I love spending time with my family and making memories.  



  1. I remember Katie being too scared to go on the pony!! yet again i remember me being scared too :-)xx

  2. Ni may seem a little dull after this holiday but we really can provide grey skies and more grey skies and ……..plenty of NI craic to make up for the grey skies. xx

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