Posted by: Louise | October 27, 2010

A skirt for Lydia and a yummy new banana bread recipe

One day last week when Ewan was at a friends birthday party and Katie was napping, I put the finishing touches to a “Circle Skirt” for Lydia. She normally takes an afternoon nap too, but seeing she had woke at 5:45am!!! the previous few mornings, I decided to forgo my few hours of child-free time in the hope of a later wake-up call the next morning!

I’m very glad that I did, because not only did Lydia sleep a little later the next morning, we also had a delightful few hours together, just the two of us.


Here’s the skirt, which was supper, supper quick and easy to make. I got the tutorial from a blog called Made (click here to go to tutorial).


My little “lady” enjoyed swinging on our tyre swing,


and looking at the “pet frog”.


Yes I did say frog!!! Lydia and Ewan had caught it earlier in the day. However, with a little protesting, it was ceremonially released back to the wild once Daddy seen it when he got home from work!

The skirt also turned out to be very fun to twirl in


and trying to hide in (I love the way she thinks if she covers her eyes I can’t see her)!


Oh and of course, investigating the frog some more 🙂


All that activity is hungry work, so we decided to indulge in a little snack that I had made the day before – Coconut-Lemon Banana Bread.


Might sound like a strange combination, put it produced smiles like this one in our house


The recipe is from the same site as the skirt. Found here.


Time for a picnic in the back garden with one tired little girl.


Just kidding!!!


Well actually, maybe not. When we came inside and I was putting away the dishes (something I had neglected to do because I was busy playing with tyre swings and frogs!) it got very quiet and this is what I found on the sofa…..


I guess she isn’t ready to drop her afternoon nap yet (thankfully).



  1. very cute! love the fabric choice. Thanks for sharing with me. – dana

  2. Well… I can do this. i am going to try is as soon as i get home.

  3. I can’t wait to try it out.

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