Posted by: Louise | October 22, 2010

Alternative Therapy Equipment

Let me introduce you to two very special little boys.


James and Jerard are currently in the foster care of two of our friends. Mark works very closely with their Dad, in fact they work in the same room! These two little boys were rescued when they were around 10 weeks old and have been with their foster parents and their three children ever since. They kind of remind me a bit of my own twin sisters, Hazel and Jayne. For a start they are twins (similarity number one). They are supper cute (similarity number 2 🙂 ) and while James is an active almost three year old boy, Jerard has some special health needs, just like my sister Jayne. He actually has two conditions that are identical to Jaynes’ – hydrocephalous and visual impairment (thankfully, however, Jerard does not have Spina Bifida).

I have been so impressed by Jerard’s parent’s ability to get the best therapy for him that is possible here. He attends Resources for the Blind, they have a Physio come to the house three times a week and she has got some really creative therapy equipment made for him (there’s not the same recourses for therapy equipment here as there is in the UK or US etc). Of course with my Occupational Therapy background I can’t but help be interested in that!

Here’s how they started out, in an attempt to give Jerard the sensation of standing.


Then they got a carpenter to make this standing frame – didn’t he do a great job! He made it by looking at pictures of a similar frame.




They also got a handy man to weld extension (see the red bits of metal?) onto his walker after her got too tall for it.


And finally they got this spider walker made.


I think his brother has lots of fun on this one! I can remember playing on Jayne’s contraptions when I was a child when my mum wasn’t looking!! (shh don’t tell her 🙂 )


They used a bicycle seat for him to sit on and a life jacket as the harness. Love that creativity!

They got some of their ideas from a free downloadable book called Disabled Village Children. (click here to go to their site)

Will you join us in praying for these two special guys. Their foster parents are now starting the process of legally adopting them. Also Jerard recently started to have seizures. Pray with us that these will stop or be managed well with medication.



  1. So glad to see this ingenuity. We will be praying for this family. Our oldest daughter (middle child) was born with some very serious genetic health issues, we have been so blessed by the fact that she isn’t as severe as the doctors initially predicted. These boys are so blessed to have this family. Please let us know how the adoption goes. God bless all of you.

  2. Since we have known the foster parents for about 25 years, I enjoyed seeing these photos.

  3. Thank you for these lovely photos of “the boys” Amazing how the Lord has bought us and especially you into contact with twins so like ours 20 years later and on the other side of the world.

    I am smiling as I remember you playing with Jayne’s contraptions. the main one was her wheelchair!! When jayne was napping or sitting on the settee Julie and you played in it. Julie sat in it and you did all the work and pushed your big sister about. Bless you xx

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