Posted by: Louise | October 20, 2010

Bible Memory for Children – The Fruit of the Spirit (part two)

These are the rest of the Fruit of the Spirit activities that we did with our children. The first few can be found here.


Each time we turned one over I would emphasis the Fruit of the Spirit written on the picture and she would repeat it. That way it got some of the new words into her head. She likes it when she can beat her Daddy at this game!

We also played a game “The Fruit of the Spirit File Folder game”during one of our family nights.

I loved this game. Each team picks a card and reads a scenario. You then have to think how you would respond exhibiting a certain Fruit. For example one card says “A kid at your church is always being picked on by other kids. They call him names and throw things at him. How can you show him love?” or “Your little brothers are always fighting over their toys. How can you share peace?”. If you can come up with a good idea, then you get to move on in the board. Ewan had some real creative ideas!!! We played it in pairs and Ewan (4 1/2) really benefitted from it. It was a little too advanced for Lydia (3).

These “Fruit of the Spirit Stories” were also useful for generating some discussions.

A while after we had moved on from this topic we did these Fruit of the Spirit Mini Books as a review.

Most of the activities that we did I found on www.preschoolchristianprintables.comfor free. It’s a great site!

Another idea that my friend suggested that we didn’t do this time (mainly because I didn’t make time to prepare it properly) was to pick a Bible verse that teaches us about each of the Fruit and memorise a verse a week. That way, every week your focus will be just one of the aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit. I thought that was a great idea (thanks Jeralyn) and I hope to do that in the future sometime.

Learning what the fruit of the Spirit is, has been amazingly helpful to our family. Now we can say “you need to have self control” and not only do they know what it means, they know that it’s not just what we want, but what God wants. Rather than saying “don’t be mean to your sister” I can say “you need to be kind”. It’s much easier for a child to change his behaviour if he hears what to do, rather than only what not to do and much easier if he really understands what kindness means. Lydia has learnt that patience means she needs to be able to wait with a happy heart and now I can just say “can you have patience?” and she knows she needs to stop whining and asking every 30 seconds for whatever it is that she wants.

I’m so glad we spent some time learning about the Fruit of the Spirit together!



  1. Hey Louise! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. I will definitely try to do a tutorial…do you need it before Halloween? I am not sure I could do that.

    Email me and we will talk about what I can do for you. Thanks again.

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