Posted by: Louise | October 13, 2010

Bible Memory for Children – The Fruit of the Spirit (Part one of two)

But the Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Gal 5:22

Around the time we had finished learning The 10 Commandments, I reread Don’t Make me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman. I was challenged about being more creative about training the children in Righteousness and not only correcting them. Because the 10 commandments is mainly “Do Not” I though we could balance it by learning the Fruit of the Spirit together.

When I looked for Fruit of the Spirit activities and resources I found out there were loads out there. So here are the ones that I picked for our family.

The first thing we did was borrow this book from the Library.

ref=sib_dp_pt.jpgPicture 54.png

(Click here to see it on Amazon)

Ewan and especially Lydia loved this book. It rhymes and each aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit is addressed individually. They give an example of a child exhibiting each Fruit in a positive way that is relevant to little people. It is beautifully illustrated with bright pictures. So for our first week on this topic we just read this book everyday, each time repeating the Fruit of the Spirit together. Lydia wanted to read this book multiple times everyday – she really loved it. Ewan also liked it, but by the end of the week was wanting to read something else (I don’t blame him, we had read it about 20 times by that stage!).

Steven Greens’ song “The Fruit of the Spirit” was recommended by a friend, so we downloaded it from iTunes (love that you can just buy one song on there!). It has a great catchy tune with an upbeat tempo that Ewan loved. We sang it together a number of times and had it playing in the background from time to time and before I knew it, Ewan was singing it at the top of his voice around the house or when we were walking along the street. It’s from his “Hide em in your Heart” CD Vol 2. Click here to see it on iTunes

We made a big poster of the Fruit of the Spirit in a Basket


Lots of cutting and sticking in this activity – can you tell I’m not a perfectionist? I think it’s rubbing off on my children!. You can get the pictures here. You can also get them in black and white so the children can colour them.

Below this poster I put a Fruit of the Spirit Chart with each of our names on it.


My idea behind this was that it would help me to look for times when the children were exhibiting each fruit. Too often it’s easier for me to see the times when they are not exhibiting them and I didn’t want this to become a negative thing. So I thought if we looked for the positive in each other, it would continue to be a fun topic to learn about.


Each time I seen the children were especially kind, or patient etc I would congratulate them and give them a sticker to put on the chart. This was very useful for helping Ewan identify what self control is. When he accepted my “no” (or anything I knew he wouldn’t like) without crying or complaining I pointed out that he was controlling his emotions and his tongue. It was like a light bulb went off in his head! It was the same with teaching Lydia to wait patiently without whining. Each time I seem them do it they got a sticker and these two just LOVE positive reinforcement. They were supposed to do the same for us – maybe Mark and I don’t exhibit much of the Fruit of the Spirit!! We didn’t get many stickers from the kids 🙂 Even though we have moved on from this topic now, we still have the chart up and from time to time I give out a sticker as a way to keep us all thinking about it.

We did a few games and activities to reinforce the words and what they mean. I’ll write about that next time.



  1. I absolutely love this. Thank you for sharing, it is so encouraging and inspiring.
    Little Buggie Tutu

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