Posted by: Mark | October 11, 2010

Rick Warren knows how to think

If the name Rick Warren doesn’t mean anything to you then you either don’t remember names very well or have never walked into a Christian book store with the typically huge display of The Purpose Driven Life. Rick is the pastor of one of, if not the, biggest churches in the USA, Saddleback Church. Rick, as with most people who stick their head up above the crowd, has his followers and his criticizers. From reformed Christianity I have mostly heard criticism, up until now. He is normally criticized for being overly pragmatic and weak on truth. These criticisms first took a battering when John Piper, one of the great minds of our time, invited him to the annual Desiring God conference. Heads shook and people wondered why on earth this was happening with Piper even making a short video explaining his decision. However, even though Rick couldn’t in the end make it to the twin cities to speak, the message that was delivered over video at the conference should put these criticisms finally to bed.

This guy knows how to think and thinks. His respect for books, reading, knowledge and wisdom from this sermon is obvious. He is still not a perfect human and has and will make mistakes but who doesn’t?

I especially respected in this sermon his reasons for not coming to the conference and the obvious importance he puts on family, his differentiation between a conviction and an opinion and the way he inspires me to dream big. Any man who pastors a church that can send out almost 15,000 missionaries in around 10 years is a Christian pastor we can learn something from.

You can watch or download the sermon, or read an overview by clicking here. I strongly recommend at least reading the overview and if you have time (or an ipod and you drive/walk a lot) then listen to it and get some great advice.


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