Posted by: Louise | October 6, 2010

Portable Fabric “High Chair”

Well, it would appear that my sewing machine is feeling a little neglected since the addition of child number 3!!! Just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get to the sewing part (or energy has run out by the time the kids are in bed sleeping!). However, my itch to create has over ruled tiredness a few nights. I did make Katie another shirt and pair of shorts, but they were too small 😦 I’ve had more success with non clothing related things for her.

The first was this fabric “high chair”.


It works by attaching it to a regular chair like this.


Then putting the main rectangle against her body and wrapping the long parts around her tummy. It attaches with Velcro. Katie thought it was fun game to push down the fabric when I lifted it up, so sorry. It’s kind of hard to see!


I made it for when we go to restaurant’s or friends house’s that don’t have high chairs. I don’t enjoy trying to feed a squirmy one year old on my knee, so I think this will come in handy.


I wouldn’t ever leave her unattended in it as I don’t think it’s that secure, but it works for a quick meal.

I got the tutorial here. I didn’t use an old comforter. I went with some canvas fabric, baiting and a layer of cotton. I had it all in the house as left overs from other projects – so a bonus free sewing project! (Yeah I know, it takes little to make me happy these days!)

Show and Tell Green


  1. YOu are soooo good : )

  2. This is super cute and looks very, very handy. I will have to try this one, too.

    On a side note, I just wanted you to know that I just stumbled across your blog from the link party at Blue Cricket Design (I’m still trying to figure out how that works!). I am literally in tears at the beautiful Gift you have been given by GOD. Your story and your hearts are truly GOD Graced and I am thankful to have ‘met’ your family. I pray for all of you!!!


  3. I remember when the Blake’s oldest two were little and we were at “training camp” David would use one of his belts to strap Ruby in the chair! This looks much better! 🙂

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