Posted by: Louise | September 24, 2010

Ewan’s Football

Ewan has been enjoying being part of “big kids” football (aka primary school football). He plays twice a week and really enjoys it.




Kicking the ball,


talking to the girls on the other team!! However, it appears it’s also very tiring.



(yes he is laying on the grass in the middle of a game!)

And the best part?


It’s always the food!


And on a different note, look at all the freckles that Ewan has on his face!! Where did they all suddenly come from?! (Maybe considering his mother it’s not that big a surprise 🙂 )



  1. love that photo of him laying on the field. and all the other guys standing around with their hands on their hips like, ‘what’s up with him?’

  2. he is probably thnking FINALLY. : ) he has been waiting for this day …. did he not have freckles? thast so funny

  3. My freckles arrived when the sun came out – oh, but it is always out in Davao!

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