Posted by: Mark | September 20, 2010

Stephen Hawking is wrong

Before anyone gets on my case and asks what right do I have to say that Stephen Hawking is wrong I took the title of this blog from a newspaper article by a very smart Oxford University maths professor and fellow Northern Irelander – Mr John Carson Lennox. I just wanted to link to some resources from him as a response to the releases from Stephen Hawking et al in the last few weeks about his new book.

If that all sounds terribly boring then maybe you can settle for this quote from Trey Parker, one of the creators of Southpark, from an interview on Nightline:

Basically … out of all the ridiculous religion stories which are greatly, wonderfully ridiculous — the silliest one I’ve ever heard is, ‘Yeah … there’s this big giant universe and it’s expanding, it’s all gonna collapse on itself and we’re all just here just ’cause … just ’cause’. That, to me, is the most ridiculous explanation ever.

Daily Mail article – this is worth the read and has some quick responses to Stephen Hawking’s press releases.

Video – this is a 25ish minute video where John Lennox goes through different reasons why he thinks Prof. Hawking has missed the mark

Telegraph article – A short article with an interesting thought on not knowing the full answer until the “author walks on to the stage”


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