Posted by: Louise | September 6, 2010

Katies Prayer Shower

Two of my friends were really thoughtful and offered to throw Katie a baby shower (I think it’s a North American tradition. Typically when you get a new baby, your family and friends throw a party and “shower” the baby with gifts). Well Katie really already has more than any 1 year old would need, but I remembered once my friend told me she had a Prayer Shower for her daughter. I thought that was a great idea! So my friends kindly orgainsed a Prayer Shower for Katie. People came with prayers, blessings, or scriptures written for Katie and we read them and prayed for her together. They gave me a beautiful album to keep them all in. It was a lovely evening.


Here Katie is enjoying “reading” one of her blessings.


These are the two ladies that orginaised this lovely evening. I really, really enjoyed listening to everyone reading scriptures and praying for Katie.


Katie of course was unaware of the significance of the evening, but I’m looking forward to reading and rereading the prayers and scriptures to her as she gets older.

DSCF5594.JPG.png DSCF5591.JPG.png

She was content to play under this table,


and be held by some of the ladies there.


and this little guy, who is four days older than Katie took his first steps in the middle of it all!!!

An evening of beautiful memories.  



  1. sounds like a really lovely evening to remember.x

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