Posted by: Louise | August 30, 2010

Ewan’s school’s Family Fun Day

On Saturday we had a really great morning out at Ewan’s schools family fun day. We were really impressed at how they managed to organise the 400 plus people that were there. Ewan had a ball. Unfortunately we forgot our camera (still learning how to get 3 children aged 4 and under out the door on time!), but we did have Mark’s phone camera. Hopefully these few photos will give you a flavour of the morning.

The theme was perfect for Ewan, Knights, dragons, people needing rescued. Couldn’t have been better for our little 4 year old boy with a VERY active imagination!

Here Ewan is with some of his team waiting patiently for his turn (yes he is wearing a pink T-shirt! That was his team colour and we couldn’t convince him that a red shirt would be ok! We all wore pick apart from Mark 🙂 ).


Here he is running through an obstacle course to go and get the dragons eggs from the Castle. The black cloak made him invisible to the guards.



Here is the Knight riding his horse to get his “sword”.


Oh no, they have been captured. Daddy had to crawl under some string rescue him and jump back over the sting back to the safe place. This game was his clear favourite!


The girls and I had a more leisurely day watching from the sidelines.


A great day!


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