Posted by: Louise | August 25, 2010

Family night

Encouraged by our good friends Ryan and Jeralyn we started a tradition of once a week having a “family night”. These nights consist of doing fun things together and we each get to take turns picking what we do. We do spend a fair amount of time together as a family, but the evenings are often preoccupied with sticking to our routine, dishes and getting the kids to bed. We’ve found it’s good sometimes put in a bit of extra effort and make some fun memories.

Our nights have included visiting one of our favorite pizza places and then playing at the park close by.





Movie and popcorn always goes down well, as does going swimming and bringing a picnic tea. Once we went to the local graveyard and practiced riding bikes and had a picnic in the band stand (I know sounds weird, but seriously people kind of hang out there and the roads are paved and smooth).

This week it was my turn to pick what we did, so we made homemade pizza together and played some games. Lydia loves to play Pairs and she beat her Daddy at a few games (and he was even trying to win – supper competitive genes or something!). We also played Twister!!! FUN!


Playing the game was fun…


.. but loosing was even better!



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