Posted by: Mark | August 20, 2010

Stylish overview of Philippians

I came across this video that someone posted on the Facebook account the other day. I have to say I am not a rap fan at all but I love the way this guy has taken his skills and used them in a God honoring way. God created us all different giving us such diverse likes and skills. To me it is a joy when someone takes one of those skills that is most often used for non-honoring uses and promotes a great book of the bible and a unique, catchy and cool way.

Maybe reading through Spurgeon’s, Piper’s, Henry’s, Scofield’s, Weirsbe’s or some other scholars introduction to this book doesn’t sound like fun to you (although I would encourage you to read these guys and others), so maybe you can try this overview of the book of Philippians.

I have no idea who Trip Lee is (is that sad?) but I say God bless ya mate for this:



  1. you should also check out shai linne – he is great. he even does one “my portion” with some piper in the intro and outro. if you search for him on justin taylor’s blog it has video and lyrics. 🙂

  2. you should also check out blair wingo (who, as it turns out, recently married shai linne) – she is a spoken word artist / poet. on youtube you can find “you just lost one” or “allow me to re-introduce the christ.”

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