Posted by: Louise | August 18, 2010

A new homemade outfit for Katie

When Lydia was around 18 months we were sure we were all done having babies and we gave all her clothes away!!!! So now that we have Katie, I’ve been working on some things for her to wear.

The first is this little pair for shorts and shirt



The shirt is the perfect length of a crawler, as it doesn’t get in her way for her need for speed.


I used this great free pattern for the shorts (I used the 2T size to allow for her cloth nappies) from a pair of old linen trousers. They also fit Lydia, so hopefully they will get lots of use.


I used a dress that Katie already had to figure out the size and shape for the top and made the straps with elastic so I didn’t have to figure out a zip or buttons. The blue part of the dress is left over fabric from the T-shirt I used to make Lydia’s dress.



Makes for a happy little girl!

Show and Tell Green


  1. She looks adorable in her outfit! Thank you for sharing!

  2. After a long summer on holiday I caught up with Avril and Archie at church yesterday. Avril was showing me a photograph of your three beautiful children. I am so pleased of have now got your little addition to your family. Katie is adorable.

    Look as though you all had fun at Ewan’s fun day.

    I trust you are all keeping well and we will look forward in seeing you all in the future.

    God Bless
    Kim x

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