Posted by: Mark | August 9, 2010

Katie – Settling In

I wanted to take this chance to write a little about what our first few days with Katie have been like. However, before saying how it actually was I thought it would be interesting to write how I thought it would be like.

In my understanding, Katie was a 10 month old child who in that short life would now be coming to live with her third set of parents.  That must be confusing even to such a young life. It must be hard. We already knew she was attached to her foster parents, and upon meeting them we seen how much they loved her. We were counting on the first number of weeks being hard as Katie learned to accept and trust us. We expected tears as her daily life changed and her place of sleeping changed. This, I think, would be normal.

In feeling and thinking these things we prayed for a miracle from the all powerful God.  We prayed that God would work miracles in her heart, in Louise and my hearts and in our kids hearts.  We prayed this fervently and asked others to pray as well.

Our God is amazing. It turns out He does answer prayer. The first few days have been amazing. Katie looks for us in a crowd and seems to already trust us. She laughs with us and wants to be held by us. She loves her brother and sister and her brother and sister adore her. She rarely cries and when she does it is for food, nappy or sleep – just like our other kids did. And she sleeps like a baby :). The first night in Manila Louise slept on the sofa with her while I slept with the other kids. Ewan, Lydia and I were awake first with me guarding the door so they wouldn’t go out and wake their baby sister who they were dying to see again. The second night she slept a whole night in her pack-and-play. And this morning, as all 5 of us slept in the one room, no one woke until Ewan and I got up around 8.15.  Louise, Lydia and Katie finally came down at 9am – which caused a problem for getting to church at 9.30.

I am writing this post not to boast in our skills or what we have done. I write this to boast in the God that we serve. We asked Him to bless our hearts and work a miracle and the God who loves to give all good things answered our (and your) prayer of faith. As we have asked for prayer in the past for Katie and us we continue to ask, but, at this time we would also ask you to join us in thanking Him for being God. Thank Him for His love and care. Thank Him for His blessing.  We are not naive and know that raising Katie, just like raising Ewan and Lydia, is a life long process with many ups and downs, but stopping to praise God is always a joy. Please join us in this joy.

Of course we have taken some more photos and here are a few:

Here we are trying to learn how to negotiate an airport with three tired children and bags!

I don’t think we are ever going to get tired of looking at that smile.

Katie slept the whole two hour flight.

We’ve learned that she LOVES to eat and sleep: with those two qualities, I think she is going to fit into our family just fine!


  1. It will be interesting to see if she picks up your Irish brogue when she speaks English. Thanking God with you for answered prayer.

  2. Amen

  3. Wow guys amazing you are truly blessed. God is so good. Please keep in touch . We love ya guys, Dan and Mary Lynne

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