Posted by: Louise | August 5, 2010

Katie – her first day with us

Well today was the day we got to “keep, keep, keep, keep” (Lydia’s words) Katie. We had a mid morning meeting at the organization that had custody of her which was nice as we had another communal bed night – although we are now getting used to it 🙂 This time we were not 40 minutes early but we were 10, which is still on the very side of good for us. It was an emotional time as an obviously very caring set of foster parents had a tearful goodbye with the little girl whom they have loved for the last 7 months. We are so thankful to God for the love and care they have given Katie. After signing the papers and meeting the lovely director of the foster organization we hailed a taxi and headed for our hotel. It was, and is, a joy to see Katie growing, surprisingly quickly, to recognize us. God is truly going before us and to Him be all glory. Today we are taking it easy in our hotel room – although we had a little swim in the pool – see the pictures below. Katie was crying a little as Louise put her to sleep for her nap – please continue to pray for her emotional needs and the bonding of her hearts to ours.

I think everyone will agree when they see these photos that she is a wee charmer – Ewan has his job cut out protecting his little sisters from the boys in years to come 🙂


Louise’s first bottle feed at the foster organisation.


Lovin’ it




This is her laughing her head off – not screaming!!



These three already love each other – I think Ewan and Lydia truly loved her even before they met



We have renamed Lydia “Mummy Lydia”. She has been carrying around a bottle in her little bag and Katie only has to make a sound and she produces a bottle or dummy or toy! She is so attentive.





A sign of pouting to come?


Chocolate cake – nuff said


Spaghetti and chocolate cake mix !!!!!












  1. I love that last photo!!!! One for the wall for sure! She’s a little doll, can’t wait to meet her tomorrow!!!

  2. So excited for you guys, will keep praying! 🙂

  3. You are blessed indeed! I love all her faces and seeing all 3 of your kids interacting together. wonderful!

  4. Love the last shot and the one of the girls splashing Mark. So happy for you all.

  5. What a sweetheart! I love the ones of her laughing and I’m sure you will hear lots of that over the next few years.
    Blessings on you all!

  6. oh guys, i dont know what to say! she is so gorgeous. so excited to be her new (fav;-) ) auntie. a real joy to have her in our family. enjoy every minute of the next few days. Give all three a kiss for me! love to u

  7. So beautiful to see how Katie already fits into your family! Blessings

  8. I’ve got a beautiful new great-niece. I know she will get all the love she needs from Mark, Louise, Ewan and Lydia. She’s a very lucky girl.

    Lots of love.

  9. Hello my little lovely nieces and nephew. You lot are having fun – geat pics! Isaac is looking forward to helping you all splash his Uncle Mark next year. Hope you had a fab birthday party Lydia! So, now that the grandparents have 2 grandsons and 2 grand daughters, Grace is free to have whatever sort of mini Mort she likes…

    Hugs and kisses from Isaac (and lots of waving), Jules and Andrew

  10. Congratulations on your new daughter. Will look forward to meeting her someday. 🙂

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