Posted by: Mark | August 4, 2010

Thermometer or Thermostat

Another thought from Wiersbe.

I really liked this little illustration that he has at the start of his section on Philippians 4.10-23.

“The trouble with him is that he’s a thermometer and not a thermostat!”

This statement by one of his deacons aroused the pastor’s curiosity. They were discussing possible board members, and Jim’s name had come up.

“Pastor, it’s like this,” the deacon explained. “A thermometer doesn’t change anything around it – it just register the temperature. It’s always going up and down. But a thermostat regulates the surroundings and changes them when they need to be changed. Jim is a thermometer – he lacks the power to change things. Instead, they change him!”

I think it is a great question to ask ourselves. Are we like Paul – content in all circumstances – or are like mini thermometers and our spirituallity and contentment goes up and down with the situations. Are we on a high when we go to that spiritual weekend and then back to normal a week later when reality sets in. Do we love God when things are going well and we don’t have problems and then turn on Him when they go south? Is our joy, contentment, worship and faith grounded in God himself who doesn’t change or is it grounded in circumstances?

Lets aim to be people who seek God as our sole satisfier and change the world for His glory as a result.


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