Posted by: Louise | July 30, 2010

Some encouragement for mums of young children

Recently I found myself questioning the way I spend my days (at home with my kids) and if I’m doing what God wants me too. I do work a little for our mission around my kids sleeping hours, but I find myself wondering if I could or should be doing more “ministry”. So many people around me are busy with “ministry” things and I find my days filled with reading books to my kids, making castles with lego’s, pushing swings, doing puzzles on the floor and retelling Bibles stories.

I was in one of these questioning moods a few weeks ago. I hadn’t voiced my thoughts to Mark, but it seemed like he was reading my mind! He sent me two links to articles that really encouraged me. I thought I would share them here, incase they could encourage you too.

The first is a series of blog posts by a missionary wife of 5 little kids (see her blog here). She has shared some advice called “Practical vision for young mums”. I was both challenged and encouraged by these post. If you have 10 minuets and your a mum of young children, I would highly recommend you read them! Click here to see all the post and scroll down to the bottom and start there.

The other link that Mark sent me was an article called “Ministry, Guilt and Seasons of Life” . What a great reminder for me that my primary ministry is the children that God has entrusted to me and that this is a season that will only last for a short time!



  1. It’s the most important job in the world Louise and we should be humbled that God has chosen us specially for it. Hard…yes, testing…yes, rewarding…most certainly, necessary…never more so in this world of materialism, self centeredness and career motivated aspiration. As a teacher I could always tell the children who had mums at home invested in their lives. They were the ones who were most secure, confident and well rounded and I try to remember that on the days when my children are… shall we say …more challenging, or when I’m fed up with the disparaging looks I get from the busy ‘career mums’ at the school gate. This is a God given job and I know I for one am glad to be doing it. Anyway, thanks for the links. I’m going to look forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading these this afternoon…

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