Posted by: Louise | July 23, 2010

Adoption Update

We met with our social worker this week and found out a little more about our new daughter.

We are delighted that she is a healthy and active 10 month old girl. She is crawling, standing holding onto furniture and sleeping through the night. We are also delighted that she has been in Foster care. This is far better than anything we were expecting. We are so, so thankful that a family has been caring for her. We got to see one picture of her and we all think she is incredibly cute!

Another answer to prayer is that the piece of paperwork that we needed to get changed arrived yesterday. We hope that things can move quickly now and that we will be able to go and get her next week.

Some fun things the kids have said this week:

Lydia: When we go get baby sister we keep, keep, keep, keep, KEEP her. Not go back to Manilla”.

Ewan, when he seen her picture: “I can hardly believe my eyes, she’s the most beautifulest thing I’ve ever saw!”.

Lydia did not want to give us back the only photo we have of her. She just kept looking and holding on to it. Every now and then she would ask me to look at her hair or her clothes. We scanned the picture and printed the kids a copy each. They both took it to bed with them and kissed her goodnight after we said our prayers.

Lydia told Mark she wanted to go and get Baby sister “NOW” (with her hands on her hips!). Mark said we just had to get one more piece of paper to which she replied with a very cross face “too many papers”.

Lydia: “baby sister is taking tooooooo looooooooong” I think we all agree with that!



  1. That is wonderful news! So excited for you all. Can’t wait to see ‘new’ family photos. ;-D

  2. WOW!!! God is just AWESOME!! Prayers are bring answered in that the paper which needed amended has arrived and as you said, that she has been looked after by a foster family.
    HOW CUTE were Ewan and Lydia’s reactions??!! I have tears in my eyes just reading what they have been saying/doing.
    This little girl is going to get SO much love!! God bless you all!! M xo

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