Posted by: Louise | July 16, 2010

Fun with Granny McFarland – A walk in a local neigbourhood.

If you came to visit us you will find that we live in the middle of a busy city with more than a million people. Our house has a wall around it and we have a gate to keep us secure. Our street is paved and we have running water and electric. However, if you take a 10 minute walk from our house you find yourself in a very different situation.

Mum and I took a stroll around a community that lives close to our house. Many of the children that I talked about in this post live there. We went with my friend who does medical outreach in this community sometimes.

This is one of the streets at the edge of the community. It had rained earlier in the day so there was mud everywhere.


Here are a few pictures of the typical house in this area.



This house is a “newly wed” house. Often newly married couples can’t afford to build a house to the standard of those above, but true love finds a way! This house is made of scraps of wood, tin and banners left over from the recent election.


This community is on the edge of a river and has a number of fields. There were all sorts of vegetables growing. Corn, okra, squash, different types of leafy vegetables… This lady is harvesting some aubergine/eggplant.


Lots of animals roaming around as well. Here are some little pigs, there were also chicken, ducks and goats.


A pile of fire wood being cut.


The homes outdoor stove, fired by the wood above.


The well,


and the water used to wash these clothes by hand.


Here is a typical sight. The mums looking after the kids outside, where it is a little cooler. This mum is checking her daughters head for lice. Mum was surprised to see that some of the houses had TV’s!


Here are two Grandmas! Both of these ladies have five children and they are both waiting for the arrival of a grandchild in the next few months. This elderly ladies daughter (Ate Bebe) teaches many of the missionaries the local dialect.


Chatting with someone about the local church working in this community.


On our way home we met these guys who were keen to show us the snake they had just killed!


It’s not a long walk to get to this community from my house, however, it feels like it is miles away from the reality of my day to day life. One thing I noticed as we walked around was that although some may consider these people to be materially poor, they appeared to be rich in community. Living as extended families, neighbors looking out for each other. The children always have play mates to amuse them. My friend also encouraged us that her church is holding Bible studies for men and women as well as a children’s club right there in the community. God, by his Grace, is making many of them spiritually rich.



  1. tell Auntie Lillian she’s looking great! I’m sure you’re delighted to have her with you at the moment Louise.

    All the best

  2. Just back from hols and lovely to see photos of Auntie Lillian looking at home in the village!!! Had not thought of her as ‘Granny McFarland’ before – sounds strange – brings back memories of Letterbratt! Great news about baby girl will keep praying for paperwork to be accepted. Love Lorna

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