Posted by: Louise | July 14, 2010

Adoption update – We’ve been matched!!

Well after a long day of trying to keep busy and jumping at every text message and phone call, we finally got a text from our social worker at 6.30pm this evening.

Praise God we have been matched to a baby girl who is 10 months old. She is in the capital city, which is a two hour flight away from where we are.

One little snag though (isn’t there always at least one!), they are not totally happy with one of our papers, so we have to get it changed before we can actually pick her up.

We will meet with our social worker on Monday, when she is back in town, and find out more information about our little daughter. Keep praying for all things to work out according to His plan. Now that we know she is really out there, we just want to go and get her!

  • Pray for these last few hurdles with more bits of paper to be figured out.
  • Pray for joy and contentment as we wait.
  • Pray for our daughter to be safe, nourished and well cared for till we can go and get her.
  • Pray for God to work in her life, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Pray that we can prepare Ewan and Lydia really well for this transition.
  • Pray that God will be glorified in this whole process.

We’ll keep you posted.



  1. wonderful news, so so chuffed and excited. i’ll keep praying.x

  2. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Praying for you!

  3. Delighted to hear it – looking forward to hearing how it goes x

  4. OMG soooo exciting!!! names? : )

  5. CONGRATULATIONS hope all goes well now on these last few steps ,enjoy the sleepless nights, God Bless Adrian and val

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