Posted by: Louise | July 13, 2010

Adoption update – Could tomorrow be the day?

Praise God our adoption paper work has been approved. Tomorrow our Social Worker will represent us at a “Matching Committee” in the capital city. If there is a baby girl waiting for adoption we could be matched with her tomorrow!!

We are excited and nervous all that the same time. The children are really looking forward to meeting “Baby sister” and talk about her regularly.

Please pray with us that the next child that God would bless us with will be given to us in His timing. If we are matched tomorrow we will make arrangements to go and get her as soon as we can. She could be in a orphanage anywhere in the country. It could be a 10 minuet drive away, or a two hour plane ride.

We’d appreciate your prayers that God’s will will be done tomorrow, and that the child He has chosen for us will find her way safely to us.



  1. will be thinking of yas and praying all day tomo! keep us posted:-)

  2. Praying for you and your soon to be little one.

  3. Hi just hope all goes well tomorrow will be praying

  4. great,Hope all goes well,God bless

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