Posted by: Louise | July 12, 2010

Fun with Granny McFarland – The Market, Swimming and Birthday!

We took Mum on a wee tour of the local market. When we took Grace and Morty here last year a rat ran on top of Ewan’s foot just after we arrived. Unfortunately none of the rats obliged for Mum’s visit. Maybe that was for the best 🙂

Mum by one of the vegetable stands.

Some yummy fresh veg for sale at great prices!

This picture is a bit bright – it was hot! The kids were very interested in these chickens. I didn’t know how long their rope was, so kept a safe distance 🙂

Our transportation home. This is a tricycle. It’s basically a motorbike with a sidecar and some sort of shade. Tricycle’s are a very common mode of transport here. You can see our bags of fruit and veg at Ewan’s feet. The seat opposite is where Mark was sitting.

We have also went swimming. Pictures of Granny in her swimsuit have been banned. So this one will have to do:)

And it was Marks birthday last Saturday. We had some trifle to celebrate.

Happy 32nd Birthday Mark!

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