Posted by: Louise | July 7, 2010

Fun with Granny McFarland – The Croc Park

We have had lot’s of fun with Granny McFarland this week! I’ll do a few posts of what we got up too. First up is the crocodile Park. This is a crocodile farm and has lots of different pens for the crocodiles.

The children had a great time looking,




and holding them!


There are lots of other animals at the park including some Dragons!


They are strange little creatures.


This seemed like a good idea, before I put it on my shoulders and felt how heavy it is!!!


We finally convinced mum to have a go, but the kids were not happy with the whole concept. Maybe they are the only ones with sense.


There was also this little monkey


Good times with Granny.

(Lydia does look miserable in most of these pictures, but she actually had a great time and keeps asking to go back!)


  1. I cannot believe that you got Auntie Lilian to put a snake round her neck! Glad she’s having a great trip. Clairex

  2. oh seeing pics of mum and the kids is making me cry! so happy that u’ve got to see them mum! looks like u had a great day! enjoy the rest of ur week together! xxx

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