Posted by: Mark | July 3, 2010

God’s work, way and supply II

Yesterday I looked at the quote from Hudson Taylor – God’s work, done God’s way, will never lack God’s supply – and I asked the question if it was biblical. My feeling is a resounding yes, it is very biblical. So now I want to see what implications we can draw from it.

What implications can we draw from it?

At this time I only want to draw one implication, although I am sure there are others we could draw.

If God’s work done in God’s way never lacks God’s supply but we find ourselves as a person or an organization in a situation where we seemingly lack God’s supply then what does this imply?

I don’t think this is an easy question to answer. I work for a Christian mission and many of my colleagues and many missions seem to always be at the end of their resources, so I hope I can tackle this sensitively. I will give some answers as to what I think we can conclude below but I know it is not a definitive list and I would love feedback on this.

If we are lacking God’s supply we may not be doing God’s work

This of course is the most serious of conclusions. It may be that God is calling us somewhere else to do something else and his supply at this time has been withdrawn from us to encourage us elsewhere. Or it may be that we are in a place of sin and we are not being obedient to God. I think that this is a healthy question for all of us to ask ourselves. Do you have any hidden sins in your heart? Are you walking in the way that God has planned for you?

If we are lacking God’s supply but we are doing His work, maybe we are doing it in the wrong way

A few years back I served on a committee which had as one of its responsibilities to approve the yearly budget for the organization. The budget we were being asked to approve was going to spend more money than was projected to come in. Within our group there were two responses. One was that we should trust God that He would supply when needed and the other was that maybe we were doing things in the wrong way and we should examine our methods. No one in this group was making these statements lightly, but, my fear is that too many people are currently falling in the God will supply we just need to trust category too lightly. Many people, organizations and even countries are living beyond their means getting things now they can’t afford without waiting patiently on God to supply the resources or even asking God if He thinks we should have these things.

I see around me in the world so much money and resources being spent and sometimes struggle to see that this is the way God wants things to happen. People in the world are hungry and starving, illiterate and victimized, and do not know that God loves them and yet money is seemingly being wasted. Churches and missions are spending millions on buildings and resources in the churched west and then having to have cake sales, special events or, seemingly more spiritually, beg for the money publicly, as they walk forward stating in a blaze fashion that we just need to trust God to supply the need. Maybe we need to stop and ask God if He think we should be trusting or changing and stop blaming his lack of supply for our mistakes, impatience or greed.

Lets not go through life assuming that all God is interested in is product. That is far from the truth. He is interested in motives, relationships, methods and Glory for Himself. The end product should only be a by-product of the process.

The unknown factor

Another factor could be that we are doing God’s work in God’s way but God is teaching us another lesson or truth for a greater purpose. We must at all times remember that God’s ways are higher than ours and we can’t being to understand all his ways. Maybe God has a way to glorify Himself more by delaying His supply for a time. Maybe He needs us to wait for a reason only He can see. Only God can see the whole picture.

May God walk with you as you seek His face to know His way to accomplish His work for His Glory.

May God always be central to what we do.



  1. Mark, sometimes I wonder if the missionary is doing what God wants, but support is lacking because of the attitudes and disobedience of the home churches. They are not on a ‘war footing’. The Body should be working together as a unit, but often it isn’t. I don’t think God ‘forces’ his people to give.

    Mark 6v5 KJV is interesting when it says:
    “And he (Jesus) could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them.”

    It sounds as if Jesus was ‘constrained’ by their lack of faith. Perhaps missions are constrained by the state of the churches back home.

  2. ABSOLUTELY BRIAN!! Having been both on the mission field and now here in the “west”. I find that churches giving through a co-op are not as in touch with what missions is about and how missionaries operate and what their needs are. Churches who support missions by having ACTUAL MISSIONARIES come into their churches to present their fields and return and give report are much more in touch with missions. Though that is a time consuming and expensive way to go. Churches that have regular contact with their missionaries they support are much more ready and willing to help fill the needs of those missionaries.
    And lack of giving appears to be related to a lack of depth in Christian character or a seemingly shallow faith. People wanting to claim Christianity but not wanting it affect or changes their hearts and lives.

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