Posted by: Louise | June 30, 2010

A Summer Butterfly Dress

Using a free pattern from this amazing site

and a T-shirt I made a dress for Lydia. When I saw the pattern I really wanted to make one with butterflies (Templates found here).

I was delighted that she loves it 🙂


and it turned out to be very versatile.

Perfect for picking flowers,





playing on the monkey bars,




And yelling at your big brother!

She’s so cute, and as you can tell, I could just take pictures of her all day long!



  1. soooo cute… I am gonna see if i can make her another one. it might be harder cause i am not sure if it will fit her right. maybe you can touch it up if i do. : )

  2. oh it’s so cute! Adorable to put the butterflies on the front! Thanks for sharing with me 🙂
    – Dana

  3. […] I used a dress that Katie already had to figure out the size and shape for the top and made the straps with elastic so I didn’t have to figure out a zip or buttons. The blue part of the dress is left over fabric from the T-shirt I used to make Lydia’s dress. […]

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