Posted by: Mark | June 28, 2010

You don’t have to worry

I have been trying to study Philippians lately and have been using Warren Wiersbe’s commentary to help me for the past few weeks.

I thought his analysis of the passage Philippians 4.1-9 was really good and wanted to share it here. He identifies three things from this passage that are the ingredients to a life without worry. These things need to be there to be living the way that God wants us to live. The things that I write here are a brief summary of what Warren Wiersbe has written in his commentary with a few additional thoughts.

1. Right Praying (Philippians 4.6-7)

Paul doesn’t just give the pat answer of just pray about it. He uses three words to describe what he means by praying about it – prayer, supplication and thanksgiving. By prayer he is talking about the essential ingredient of worship and adoration that should exist in our relationship with God. God is big – we are small. We should be adoring him and worship him with a relevant fear. We should be lifting his name high and praising him – even when the circumstances are bad. I have found this so helpful in my life when things have not been good. It is also interesting that this is how the Lord’s prayer starts out – Hallowed be thy name.

In supplication Paul is referring to the gut honest talk that we have with God about the things that we are going through. God knows what is happening but he desires that we share it with him. We can see the level of honesty that God enjoys if we see what he included in his providence in the books of Psalms and Job. Be honest with God in words that are your own. Talk to God as your Father, God and Friend. Laugh, cry, weep, rejoice or celebrate – be who you are with God.

Thanksgiving is what will result from the above two. If we adore God for who He is and lay our troubles before Him I believe that we will be thankful for the result. At dinner time as a family we encourage our kids to think of things they can thank God for in the day they have just went through. This is a simple thing but what I am trying to do is encourage an attitude of thanks in our children’s lives instead of the normal attitude of entitlement. All good gifts come from God (James 1.17) – lets thank him for them and realize that he is the one working all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called by His name (Romans 8.28).

2. Right Thinking (Philippians 4.8)

A lack of worry will not only come from a right heart – we need to work on our mind as well. We need to focus our minds on God (Isaiah 26.3). I often mention this verse when I am talking to young people as the trend I see so prevalent today is to let our minds just wonder and not think deeply. We don’t respect the power of our minds and it’s ability to effect us as people. We should be actively filling our minds with things that will help us as Christians. I wonder if we were to take this verse and list our thoughts for a particular day how many would fall under the categories outlined in it?

3. Right Living (Philippians 4.9)

The peace of God is fully linked to our obedience of God (Isa 32.17). There is guilt attached to sin. Guilt is a major producer of worry.

We need to also remember that Christianity is not a passive religion it is an active one. We have to be doing the good works of God not just not doing the bad ones (James 1.22)

How about we resolve to pray, think and live like Christians and enjoy the life God wants us to live?


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