Posted by: Mark | June 21, 2010

Ewan and Lydia on their bikes

Ewan has had a bike for around a year now – his Granda and Granny bought one for him just after they were here last year when his scooter was stolen. Lydia got her bike at Christmas time. They love them. They are always asking us to let them take them to the local school where there is smooth ground to ride them – the basketball court. However, up until near the end of school there was sports on the court almost every day of the week so they were not able to do it. But now school is out we often get the chance to go for a ride. Ewan also really enjoys making me run down the road after him as he cycles as fast as he can down the hill towards the school!!

We captured some of their riding on video and thought we would share it here – mainly for the benefit of the grandparents.

If the video is not included below click here to see it.



  1. Congratulations Ewan and Lydia!!! You all are pros! Fabulous music too! more info on that please πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sharon. We think they are fab too πŸ™‚ The music is from the Corr’s Unplugged [UK] album. It is called Lough Erin Shore.

  2. laughed out loud at that “it’s not conventional” bit. very funny! and what’s with the backpack? does lydi think she’s going to school? or is that full of re-fueling supplies in case she runs out of energy for all that pumping?

    • Hey Beth long time no see. I hope that you are still enjoying DG – I have noticed your two or three blog posts you made as I subscribe to their blog – nice. The backpack is something Louise made for Lydia and she never leaves home without it. There was probably a doll and some crackers in it – or at least that is normally what is in it.

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