Posted by: Louise | June 18, 2010

Ewan has started School!!!

Ewan has started “P1” this week (aka Kindergarten). He is attending a local Filipino school. There is a mission school here, but it runs the American system and Ewan is too young to start there this year. However, if we were in the UK he would be starting in September and we want to keep him on track with the British system as we hope to return there next year. So, here he is dressed in his uniform and looking way too grown up!


This is actually his PE uniform, they are our of stock of the regular uniform in his size. He is very proud of it though and has loved his first three days of school so far. He is getting way to like his Daddy though and won’t pose for a sensible photo anymore!



I have to admit, I did shed just one little tear on his first day. How did those 4 1/2 years go so quickly?! Although, I’m glad that even though he’s a wee messer, he’s still not to old to be held in his Daddy’s arms


or hug his wee sister 🙂




  1. How precious!! Time goes by too fast.

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