Posted by: Louise | June 16, 2010

The things kids say and do #4

Here’s a few more of the things that my children have said, that have made me smile over the last few months.

  1. At lunch Ewan looked at me and said “when i grow up I’m not going to leave guys and get my own house”. “why not Ewan” “because I would miss you guys too much”. Awwwwwh I told him he might feel differently in a few years time:)
  2. When at the beach one night he ran ahead of us a bit. After a while he ran back to me and held my hand “mummy I’m scared of the dark, I can’t help it, it’s just the way God made me – scared of the dark”
  3. The toilet got clogged up one night, then it happened again a few nights later. When I asked Ewan why there was soooooo much paper in the toilet he said “I love doing the crafts with the toilet rolls (mainly making binoculars for Ewan and his friends). I didn’t want to run out of rolls, so i just use lots and lots of paper every time I need some”.
  4. Lydia’s counting = 3, 5, 6, until one day in the car the kids were fighting over something. I told Ewan to count to 10 and then it was Lydia’s turn. Lydia suddenly pipes up with perfect counting 1-10 followed by “mines” and a out- streched hand. She is a wee imp, I’ve been trying to get her to do that for ages!
  5. When we told the kids we were going to try to adopt a little girl they were so excited. Ewan was telling everyone he met and I over heard him say “we are going to buy a baby from the orphanage” Opps, not quiet got the idea yet!
  6. Ewan and Lydia got new underwear from one of my sister in the post. They were both waaaaaay to excited about them. One evening I over heard Ewan tell Lydia that his friend Ryan really likes his “digger pants”. I asked him if he showed Ryan his underwear and he said yes, I love them, I’ll show them to everyone in the while wide university! Mental note – teach my son about modesty!
  7. Ewan was trying to remember something and was walking around pointing his index finger at his head saying “think, think, think”. After a while he said, I’ve got to stop thinking, my finger is sore 🙂
  8. I had asked Ewan to take his t-shirt off so he could try on something I was making for him. After I said he should put his t-shirt back on to which he replied “actually it’s quite refreshing not to wear a t-shirt”. I’m sure he’s right!


  1. : ) ahh i was so excited that there was more things to read about what lydi and ewan say, they are so cute and funny. but at the same time i didnt really wanna read it cause i miss you guys soo much… : ) cant wait till th next one : )

  2. good thing you are writing this stuff down. I have already forgotten so much of that kind of stuff and regret not having done so. (deep sigh) Miss you all.

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