Posted by: Mark | June 9, 2010

Which 21 are you?

I have been reading through Philippians lately and have started reading Warren Weirsbe’s commentary on the book. In part of that book he compares Philippians 1.21 to Philippians 2.21. He says that we are either one or the other. We either serve God or we serve ourselves. Hence the question I pose – which 21 are you?

For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better Philippians 1.21

All the others care only for themselves and not for what matters to Jesus Christ. Philippians 2.21

When you make a decision in your life what is the main controlling factor? Do you do what will further the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring a larger sense of the Kingdom of God to the here and now? Or do you do what makes you look, feel, appear or prosper better in the here and now? Are you first in your life or is Jesus Christ (God) first in your life?

These decision are made multiple times every day in our lives. When we choose what to watch on TV. When we choose to read the bible or surf the internet. When we choose to relate to our family or stay longer at work. When we decide to stay quiet about a transactional mistake so we can save money. When we turn the other way so we don’t have to deal with someone else’s problem. When we choose to spread gossip about someone else. When we choose to be too proud to forgive others. When we don’t pray for fear that God will lead us somewhere we don’t want to go.

Plotting a path through life is hard. Sometimes when we lift up our heads to try and see what is ahead of us it is a little scarry. However, if we try to live for ourselves and our own joy we will miss out on joy and life in its fullest. God’s way is the best way. Choose today to live fully and completely for Christ. Choose today to live life to the fullest.


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