Posted by: Louise | June 7, 2010

Adoption – we are getting close

Well after almost 4 months of gathering pieces of paper we finally got all 22 bit’s together. I called the social worker last Monday to ask her if I could submit our paper work and she told me there was a new requirement. My heart sank, some of the pieces of paper have taken us months to figure out how to get and I didn’t really want another long delay. Thankfully, after two visits to our great lawyer and help from our friends here in town, we managed to get the final piece of paper that the Social Services required and we submitted it on Thursday morning. This was swiftly followed the next day by our first home study visit by our Social worker.

So what’s next? The social worker hopes to submit our paper work and her report to the matching committee in Manila by the end of this month. If we are approved and there is a baby girl awaiting adoption we could have her home with us sometime in early July!!!! We are very excited to have reached this stage.

Once we get the baby we will have a further 6 to 9 months of social worker visits, paper work and a final court hearing before she is legally ours in the Philippines (we will need to return home sometime to obtain her British citizenship).

Despite the long road ahead of us, we are excited that we might have a baby home in the near future.

Please pray:

  • That our paper work will be approved and we will pass all home visits
  • That our little girl will be looked after by people who truly care for her until we can get her. We pray that she will not suffer from neglect of any form
  • For Ewan and Lydia, they are VERY excited to be getting a baby sister, please pray that we will all love and integrate this little life into our family fully
  • That God would bless our little daughter and keep her, that He would make His face to shine upon her and be gracious unto her. That He would turn His face towards her and give her peace.


  1. Oh how exciting! After all the work and time youve spent on this, this bit sounds like it happens quite quickly! Best wishes for it all. Praying for you guys!

  2. Hi Just received your p letter and read about adoption. Really excited for you and will be praying all plans fall into place by July. God Bless, Lorna

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