Posted by: Mark | June 4, 2010

How should Christian’s give

Ever wondered how much money we should give as Christians? Ever wandered if it is OK for Christians to have “stuff” while others don’t have “stuff”? Can we just give 10% and then be done? Is the tithe even relevant for today or was that an Old Testament rule? Should I have savings or is that storing up treasure on earth?

These and many other questions have went through my head at different parts of my life. I struggled with the idea that Christians were only obligated to give 10% and then the rest was theirs. I especially struggled with this when I read in the old testament that this 10% was always given in food – and they did have money. I struggled (and still struggle) when I see poverty and unevangelized masses in the world when we (and specifically me) live in the abject poverty of over-indulgence both in material and spiritual goods.

I recently read a blog post that referenced this post by J D Greear. I think it is a great overview of the tensions involved in the bible in this issue – I thoroughly recommend reading it or at least read the summary of it in the first link.

I have also come across some other great resources on the Internet and put them here for your enjoyment:

  • Sermons from my pastor here on why he believes tithing is not correct for Christians and how he believes we should treat money. To get to these sermons click here then click on the tab titled “Media Archive”. From there scroll down to you see the title “Grace Giving (Tithing)”. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to this the first time around when he preached it some years back. Interesting fact from the sermon is that the tithes actually referred to 23.3% of your produce not 10%!!
  • A sermon from Gilbert Lennox from Glenabby Church, Northern Ireland on how we should treat money.

I am sure you have more resources that you have enjoyed on this topic. If you have suggestions please let me know or leave a comment below for everyone to see 🙂



  1. I have probably the largest web site on earth solely for supporting grace giving. Be sure to visit it at

    I want to add grace giving churches to my list for others to visit.

  2. money, possessions and eternity. that’s the title of a priority-shaking book on finances by Randy Alcorn. wish we could loan it to you…but we gave it away. i need to read it again. thanks for the reminder.

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