Posted by: Louise | May 28, 2010

Things kids say and do #3

Here are a few things that my children have said over the last little while that have brought a smile to my face.

  • One evening Mark and were out and I went in to kiss the sleeping kids good night when when got back. We normally check on them every night before we go to sleep and I can never remember either one of them waking up. This night Ewan opened his eyes and said he has something for me. There in his wee hand were some hearts he had made for me “I love you mummy” then he went back to sleep. Well that was enough to bring a tear to my eye!  
  • Ewan “we should make a happy Sunday card”, Me “a happy Sunday card?” “yeah like a happy fathers day card, only for Sons, like me. We should celebrate how special sons are, just like we celebrate how special Daddies are” – got his head screwed on!
  • Ewan was helping Mark cut some onions – “these onions are making my nose cry”
  • Lydia loves us to read her books and will follow me around the house with them. I had to draw the line when she followed me into the bathroom with them!
  • Mark was in Manila for two days. There was a cheesecake in the fridge. Needless to say we worked our way through it until there was enough left for a little bit each when Daddy got home. All day Lydia was opening the fridge to “see cake”, but by the finger prints in it, I think she was doing more than just “see cake”. Anyways, I had to tell her frequently that day the we would eat the rest of the cake when daddy got home. Just before bedtime we heard the taxi pull up outside and Ewan and I went to the gate to welcome Daddy home, I expected Lydia, aka my sticking plaster, to be right behind me as normal, but no she wasn’t there for the joyous welcome home. We went back inside to find that she had opened the fridge and managed to get the cheesecake onto the table. With a big smile on her face “Daddy eat cake”. That one’s got her priorities right!
  • Lydia kept saying “oke mummy, oke mummy” I couldn’t figure out at all what she was trying to say, so she got her wee index finger, pointed it at me and shoved it straight into my eye saying “oke mummy” – Oh Poke mummy! Please don’t!

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