Posted by: Mark | May 21, 2010

How to suffer – from a sufferer

I am sure, like me, you have heard many people preach on how Christians suffer and how they should react in that suffering. These message, no matter how well prepared, are only theoretical, unless the person preaching is speaking from practical experience. Recently I came across a preacher called Matt Chandler. He is the pastor of what you might call a successful church in the US – it has around 6000 in attendance. Up until this last Thanksgiving day (that is an american day where people eat a lot and get ready to spend a lot the next day) Matt had really only known success in his life. Then on Thanksgiving morning his life changed.

You can read about what happened and his response here. It gives his message of God’s sovereignty and care a much stronger appeal as he walks through suffering first hand. Life does not always go good so I think this article and this sermon (which I have embedded below) is good knowledge for everyone. God is good and suffering has a purpose.



  1. […] I have written before of a guy called Matt Chandler who is suffering from brain cancer. The following video is a two set and is again about cancer. This time the guy dies. The first video is of the man, Zac Smith, a 33 year-old IT professional who is married with three kids (sound familiar?). It is taken before he dies. The second video is of his wife after Zac is dead. Praise God that through these people God’s name is glorified and we can see real faith in action. […]

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