Posted by: Louise | May 19, 2010

Eco friendly Lunch and snack bags

It’s summer here and we enrolled Ewan in a little summer school programme three mornings a week. He has had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it. Seeing this is his first time to go to school (he’s only 4 and I’ve been very happy to have him home with me!) I didn’t have lunch bag/lunch box to send his snack in. What a good excuse to get out the sewing machine – right?

Here’s what I came up with, I thought it was kind of cute (for a four year old boy) and relatively friendly for the environment.



These little snack bags have a velcro seal to keep everything nice and fresh,


and are lined with a zip lock bag. I just wipe them clean and use them over and over again. No need to buy snacks individually wrapped or use little disposable plastic bags.


This little lunch bag is just big enough to hold his water bottle and his snack bags.


And that completes the wee set.


I got the tutorial for the snack bags here and the pattern for the lunch bag here.

I’m joining the “Show and Tell” at Blue Cricket Design!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m planning on sewing a mound of savable baggies for next year’s snacks and lunches.

  2. […] cutting the fabric and forgot to increase the size, but it’s still big enough to fit in his little lunch bag and a change of […]

  3. That’s a really good idea! I like the fact that you put a ziploc bag inside, like you said it makes it easier to clean! Well done. 🙂

  4. How awesome is this? We always make our kids lunches [our last two are teenagers] and I am always trying to find ways to not use plastic bags and brown bags – we bento a lot – but I miss the ease of bags.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Time to get the sewing machine out for the summer 😀

  5. great idea for a liner thanks so much for shareing!

  6. Very smart indeed! I might have to make a set or two of these for our picnics and for hiking…

  7. very “green” and CUTE!!!

  8. Thank you for this idea, very green and they are easy to make. Nice job!

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