Posted by: Mark | May 10, 2010

When throwing a frisbee is dangerous for your health

I have written before about the “joys” of the heat here. I just thought I would share briefly about another experience I had recently to illustrate this. Since we moved here I have been playing football every saturday. We play 11-a-side on a full size grass pitch here. It is great craic and great workout by anyones standards. I always finish football very sweaty but recently I have felt that the running is so much more tiring and the sweat a whole lot more in quantity. Just a few weeks ago it was one of the worst that I could have remembered. Well the next day, as we normally do, a bunch of us started playing ultimate frisbee. Again this was just impossible to do. So I thought I would check the temperature and see if it was the problem.

Turns out we were playing in 35C and the humidity was 88%. If you look up a heat chart you realize that the heat index (or the temperature that these conditions feel like) is around 54C. This according to the chart I looked up means there was an extreme danger of a heat disorder. Turns out throwing a frisbee is a dangerous sport!!

Just so you can feel even more sympathy for us these temperatures have been around for many weeks now and have been made worse by electricity cuts. So when you are looking outside and seeing rain and cold weather please spare a thought for us on the other end of the scale.


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