Posted by: Louise | May 7, 2010

How would you cut down this tree?

We have this tree in our back garden.


It provides great shade which is welcome, but it grows really fast. It’s only been around 6 months since we completely chopped it back. So one morning when a young guy came looking for work I knew exactly what I wanted him to do.

So how would you go about cutting this tree down? Here’s how you do it here.

1) Get an old palm tree leaf, set it alight and smoke out the bees.

2) Climb the tree and balance in the middle branch

3) Get the bolo (large, very sharp knife) that was stored down the back of your shrit while you were climing and start to swinging it.

I’ve tried to cut wood with one of these knives. It’s really hard to hit the same spot twice. I admire his skill! Tree climbing, balance and knife skills!
Half way there.

Almost done. It only took him about 20 mins to cut it down and tidy the branches and leaves up. He did have a little help with the tidying though.
Ewan loved playing with the branches!

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