Posted by: Mark | May 5, 2010

Ewan’s workbench

Those who know me know that I am not the handiest person in the world. DIY is certainly not my middle name. However, it turns out here that I have some very inventive and handy friends. These guys have and continue to make fun things for their kids out of wood. Normally I am able to dodge Ewan’s suggestions for me to copy what they have done but in a moment of weakness I relented when he asked me to make him a workbench. His friend, Silas, now had one which was made by his dad so why couldn’t I make one? At least I think that was Ewan’s logic.

So after I could stall anymore Ewan and I sat down to draw out the plans. Then after a few weeks (and a few failed attempts to do with rainy weather and no car) we went to Ewan’s favorite place (the hardware store) and bought some wood, screws and other supplies.

It took us maybe four evenings working together to build it. To be honest I was making some huge stabs in the dark but it seemed to work out. I am not a huge fan of power tools so I cut most of it with a hand saw but towards the end a friend lent me his battery powered one to finish a few things off. Ewan was a huge help and surprisingly handy with an electric screw driver. He also had some great and inventive ideas – hence the reason his workbench as a light – which I nearly blew the house up wiring but that is a whole other story.

Lydia, Ewan and I had a lot of fun painting the workbench when Louise was away for the day at a retreat. Then the next week when Louise was there we all had lots of fun using spray paint to put some silhouette of tools onto it.

All in all it was good craic working together with Ewan to build it and it now functions as Lydia’s favorite night light if nothing else. Who knows maybe there will be something else in the making – at least if Ewan gets his way there will be 😉





  1. Way to go Mark and Ewan!!

  2. wow mark im impressed, looks good!

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