Posted by: Louise | May 3, 2010

A few random pictures of the kids.

I haven’t taken many picture of the children this year which is very unlike me, so I’ve tried to have my camera at the ready over the past few weeks to capture my lovely’s in their normal everyday activities.


Lydia and her little friend having a tea party for their babies (there was a power cut, so we took everything outside to the shade, it’s cooler than baking inside the house!).


Making sure they are all well fed.




Ewan wasn’t so interested in playing with the dolls but preferred to cut his “wood” (aka a cardboard box – who needs toys?!) and make a cot for the babies. He has a never ending obsession with tools!


Introducing King Ewan and Queen Lydia. Dress up is becoming more and more frequent as their imaginations grow ๐Ÿ™‚


We play at the park at school for missionary children for a little while most afternoons, once it cools down a little and the sun is not so intense. Lydia loves to swing,


and Ewan loves to climb, but loves to jump off what he just climbed even more.


Here’s Ewan enjoying learning some baseball with some of the older missionary kids that were at the park after their practice.


Ewan loves to play any sport,


but seems to find baseball particularly fun!

(A few days later we meet some Australians who were practicing cricket and Ewan had a go at that too, his Uncle Simon would have been proud, even if he only managed to hit the ball once!)



  1. WOW Louise… the two of them are just GORGEOUS and growing too fast!! You can see in their wee faces and eyes how happy, content and FUN they are!! Sending you ALL much love. Thanks for sharing the pics. M xo

  2. Thanks Melanie, it’s good to hear from you! Your are always so good at encouraging me ๐Ÿ™‚ They are so much fun these days and play so nicely together. We are so blessed. Hope all is well with you these days and that the summer will arrive for you guys this year.

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