Posted by: Mark | April 28, 2010

We got inked !!

We were at a friends one year anniversary party (congratulations Jim and Cherry) at a beach resort recently. When we were on our way back from the swimming pool to the table were we were going to eat we walked right past a table where some guys were doing henna tattoos. I thought that would be a cool thing to do and apparently so did Ewan. So Ewan, Lydia and I went over to check it out. When Lydia seen what was going down her little shy personality kicked in and she wasn’t keen. But Ewan seen the dragon that a friend was getting on her arm and was sold. So Ewan got a dragon on his forearm and I got a cross on my upper arm.

What we didn’t realise was that we had to let the ink dry for one hour. It had already been a challenge getting Ewan to stay still for 10 minutes to get it painted on and getting him to keep his arm extended for another hour was just impossible. So Ewan’s dragon became a tad smudged and both Ewan and Lydia had henna ink on their fingers and hands from poking it. But all in all it was a little bit of cheap fun.

Of course that dragon has now transformed into a magic dragon that breathes fire that kills bad guys and heals good guys – but that is a whole other story.






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