Posted by: Mark | April 26, 2010

So wheres the adoption at?

Papers, papers papers, papers. The first thing to do when you decide to adopt is to find out the requirements for adopting. So we went, as a family, to the social services local office here in town. At that visit we met a lovely social worker who talked through everything with us and explained what exactly it was that we needed. Since that visit in late January we have been collecting bits of paper.

This sounds like an easy task, and it isn’t that hard, but it is time consuming. We need, among other things, around 6 references, security clearance both locally and from Northern Ireland. We also need court and fiscal clearance locally. We need to prove our financial state and copy multiple official documents from home. Then we have to have medical clearance, both physically and psychologically…… The list goes on, we counted that we needed around 22 different papers plus the application paper before we can submit it to the social services here.

At present there is one piece of paper holding us up. Because we are not citizens here we need a letter from the UK government saying they have no objection in theory to us adopting. This is the part where we had to include a solicitor. We have a very nice NI solicitor working for us but the wheels of government do not turn fast in Northern Ireland. Please pray with us that this final bit of documentation will fall into our lap soon and we can continue onto the next step.

Pray also for the little child that God has chosen for us. Pray for the family that is placing her in the hands of the social services. Pray that God will reign almighty and be glorified in this whole process in every way possible.


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