Posted by: Louise | April 23, 2010

Candle lit dinner anyone?

We have been hearing about the snow storm that hit Northern Ireland just before Easter, leaving a lot of the country without electricity. We can empathize, not with the snow or storm, but here we have been having rolling “brown outs” or power cuts on a regular basis because there hasn’t been enough rain to fill the reservoirs and run the hydroelectric power stations. In a effort to help the energy shortage, our electric is supposed to go off every day for two hours. Many days it leaves us feeling over heated and thankful that although it’s supposed to happen everyday, in reality it’s only two or three times a week.

Last week it went out at 5.30pm just as I was getting dinner ready and Mark had the children in the shower. It gets dark at 6pm everyday here, so I quickly got dinner going, table set and got the candles ready for our romantic family dinner by candle light!


This was followed by making fun shadows on the ceiling and bed time stories by torch light


We were thankful it came back on just as we were trying to figure out how we were going to get the kids to sleep without their fan to keep them cool. Despite Lydia’s repeated “too dark mummy, turn light on” it was a fun night of memories for the children.

We are also thankful that over this past week there has been a little rain and the grass is turning back from it’s brown colour to green again, but pray for more rain. Although the power cuts in the middle of the summer temperatures are inconvenient and uncomfortable at times for us, it’s much worse for the farmers who need the rain to keep their animals and crops alive.

So next time there is a storm and your electric goes out, you can think about us, our rolling power cuts are set to last for a while longer……


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