Posted by: Louise | April 21, 2010

Some photo’s of Rural Philippines

We recently went on a two day break to an Island really close to where we live (beach photos are here). One afternoon we took the children on a walk and we really enjoyed exploring. The children loved the animals that we kept bumping into and I tried to take some pictures of things that now seem familiar, but would have been new to me about five years or so ago.

First some of the houses:


This house has a little store attached:


It’s called a Sari Sari Store and is the Filipino equivalent to your corner shop. They are very common in the city as well as the country and stock things like crisps, sweets, small packets of washing powder etc.


A farm house


Some houses over the water as we left the city on the ferry to head to the Island.


The People:


This guy was taking the outer layer of coconut shell off


while this lady chopped them in half. They would eventually be used for coconut oil.

The scenery


We walked upwards for a while and turned around to find a beautiful view over the bay.


These banana trees,


coconut trees and


mango trees were growing everywhere.   

The animals


This a a Carabao, an animal used for farm work. He’s happily munching on some banana leaves.


There were lots of goats roaming around much to Lydia’s delight.


This mummy pig was quiet friendly (and tied up) so we got to feel how rough it’s hair is, but we didn’t go to close to her cute little babies!



Then a real treat, the owner of this Carabao let Ewan ride it!


Lydia was content just to touch it! Don’t blame her 🙂


And if you looked hard enough you might even find some of these crazy animals….


It was a fun few hours and we didn’t know what would be around the next corner as we walked along the trail. All the animals made it feel like we were almost at a day out at Springvale Open Farm:-)



  1. Ta 4 photos, glad you enjoyed your 2-day break. You all look so relaxed and enjoying yourselves, brilliant. You seem to enjoy doing your blog, I’m sure family back home are enjoying the photos and the interaction. It does may you feel nearer!
    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Forgot to say I printed out the photos, lovely to have.

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